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39th Annual ANMA Convention

 & Educational Presentation

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

August 28, 29, 30, 2020

Three Full Days of

Natural Health Speakers

Natural Health Exhibitors


ANMA Higher Achievement  Award Ceremony

ANMCB Board Certification Exam

23 Continuing
 Educational Units

CPR Certification 

and so much more!





Thursday- Saturday


Direct Link to Room Reservations-

 OR Call 800-732-7117

Code: SANM0R 
(SANM "zero" R)

Special Room Rate

Deadline August 3, 2020


Las Vegas,NV

Our goal is to create an environment where you get exposed to ideas you never knew existed in a relaxed collaborative setting. This three day event takes place at the Westgate Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. This year Westgate and ANMA have continued to keep the price for hotel rooms low. ANMA will present special opportunities that can benefit you professionally and financially. Designed for a firsthand experience you will gain valuable information and forge relationships with the masters in their fields. Transform your vision into a profitable practice. It is a good decision to attend the ANMA Convention with a 2020 vision.

You will not want to miss the Higher Achievement Award Member’s Luncheon celebrating those who inspire others in the field and strengthen the entire naturopathic profession. If you know a member, whom you think should be nominated for this award, please contact ANMA.  

You have the opportunity to learn from exciting and innovating natural health speakers during our three day event. As anticipated ANMA will provide an exhibit hall with cutting edge technology, products, and workshops presented by these exhibitors. This is a rejuvenating weekend spent with really smart, creative and interesting people – ANMA members. Every individual brings their unique experiences and by sharing, we help each other learn and grow. Please take advantage of this opportunity and register today. You will find everything you need to get signed up today, here and remember ANMA lets you bring a colleague at no additional charge. Show them you belong to a fabulous association that cares about our member’s success. Ideas can come at any time from any place and that’s why the 39th Annual ANMA Convention & Educational seminar is the place to be. All while earning 23 Continuing Education Units.

It's A Good Decision To Attend The
ANMA Convention With A 2020 Vision 

Come Early -  Pre Convention Events Available 

August 25, 26, 27, 2020

Dr. David J. Pesek has been heralded for decades as “One of the World’s
Pre-eminent Iridologists” and as the “New Pioneer in Iridology”. Dr. Pesek has created a dynamic, leading edge system of iris analysis known as Holistic Iridology. He will teach the 3-day Level 1 seminar (spiritual-mental-emotional-physical) Aug 25, 26, 27, 2020 prior to the 39th annual ANMA convention and educational seminar. Class registration investment includes convention registration. CEU’s available.


Call 828-926-6100 for English, for Espanol call 812-256-4531

StepIn© Program

On a Journey to Better Whole “Body/Mind” Wellness

with Dorothy Guy,
E-RYT500, CSME, YACEP, RPYT, CFI, Certified Teacher & Trainer

President, Society of Complementary, Alternative and Holistic Practitioners

Add a new healthcare dimension to your practice! This relaxed
pre ANMA convention workshop
Aug 25, 26, 27, 2020
will give you the tools to incorporate ALL the following practices into your life AND/OR professional practice. 

Day 1:
Stress Management - The Tools for freedom from the health-damaging effects of STRESS

Day 2:
The amazing simplicity of Yoga and the Power of Mindful Creative Journaling

Day 3:
The Healing Energy of the Breath and the Calming Effects of the Art of Relaxation


Call Julie to register and take advantage of the early bird price of $600 includes pass to 39th Annual ANMA convention and a savings of $50

Call Now (702) 450-3477

Come join us for these 2 amazing classes taught by Know Your Wellness.  Each 1 day class is $295 or enroll in both for $495. Class registration includes convention registration
CEUs available.


Traditional Herbal Remedy Making
August 26
9 am - 5:30 pm


Homeopathy for Naturopaths
August 27
9 am - 5:30 pm



Enroll online at or call the office at

2 day prep class for ANMCB certification exam (scheduled Aug 28th 2020) is also offered by

Know Your Wellness 

Aug 26, 27, 2020 

World class researcher, author & trainer Roger Bezanis is offering 3 dynamic classes
August 25, 26, 27, 2020 10am-6pm daily, prior to ANMA 39th Annual conference.

For only $375.00 total, Roger is giving you 3 all day classes with certificate, CEU and pass to the ANMA convention.

Day 1: Master Face Reading

Day 2: Raw Food Preparation

Day 3: Master Energy Balancing



CALL 805-653-5448